Website creation

After helping one or two people with their web sites, I've decided to provide this as a service on a more professional basis.

Have you ever tried to go to a web site, only to find that:

I have, and it should never happen!

Why should you have to spend ages downloading another browser, or extra bits to add to your existing browser?

Once again, you shouldn't have to do this.  Fair enough that if the site needed to do something really fancy (like a streaming video feed, for instance).  But most sites really do not need this sort of superfluous stuff.

Right now you are looking at a web site that should work on every browser, on every type of computer, without any problems, and be extremely quick.  Many of my pages are only a tenth (filesize-wise) of the size of a page that's filled with superfluous code.  It was not coded in any special way; merely using the correct, ratified, HTML codes; ignoring fancy rubbish, not requiring any special extras to the user's web page browser, and not needing several different versions of the site for each different type of browser.

Just about the only problems you can have with this site are, my website hosting service provider having temporary problems (and this happens with every service provider on the planet occasionally, some more than others—remember that service providers will fiddle with their computer systems even more than you might with your computer), or a fault with the software you are using (and this is common enough too).  And of course, if you do find a fault that is actually due to my HTML coding, I can most likely do something to fix it.

Enough of the hard sell though.  If you're interested in having a web page, or even a whole web site, built for you, then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What you'll be arranging with me is the authoring of the pages (what the content will be), and generation of any images necessary (product shots, scans, etc., but I'm not an artist, so I can't design something for you).  Where the page will be hosted is up to you.  I can research various hosts for you, and arrange the initial process of starting the site up, but you'll be paying them directly to store and serve the pages (regardless of what gets put there, and how), so it makes sense for you to handle that.  I don't want to be left with hosting bills for clients who lose interest, or forget; and this way you're free to deal with your future web site issues how you please (who maintains them, access rights, etc).

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