Video production section

This section is about what's involved in video production, and information about some of the video production work that I've been involved with in the past.  The business section provides information about getting me to do video production work for you.  And at some stage I might get around to putting my video production guide back onto my website, it'll explain quite a lot of the processes involved in studio production (as “Space Trash” was produced).  But, for now, I've just put a few useful video production tips here, along with with some filming gripes (what to do, and what to avoid), and some microphone-related information.

I'd been involved in community television broadcasting and productions, in one way or another, since its beginnings.  I've been involved with some of their broadcasts, and supplied equipment and services to community television production groups.

Space Trash” was produced by one of them, and I had a hand in some of it's production, merely for the enjoyment of it.  I think it was about a year in the planning (or maybe “changing of minds about what to do,” might be a more accurate description), and I visited some of the production meetings.  I supplied most of the video production equipment used to make and edit it.  Acted as a technical adviser and technical director during the shooting of it (about three weeks worth), and helped with the editing of it (it took around two weeks to complete).

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