Just a few of more interesting moments that we've been involved in since we started up in 1991:

The Ukrainian community, multicamera filming of several concerts and folkdancing performances, since 1991.

5MMM's Puberty Party (the station's thirteenth birthday), supplying location filming equipment, and technical support, for a multicamera shoot of various bands performing at The Old Queens Arms Hotel in Wright Street, Adelaide.  Later, in 1993, 5MMM would change station callsigns and become 5DDD (Three D Radio), selling the 5MMM callsign to Hoyts Media that owned Triple M, interstate.  And I'm fairly sure that the hotel's name has something to do with the British monarchy, not drag queens. ;-)

Student and Community Access Television (SCAT) second test broadcast, supplying of equipment, and setting up a complete television studio setup for pre-recording and live broadcasting, setting up multi-tape playout suite and master control, and technical management of the station, during the 1993 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Nexus Gig, supplying location filming equipment, and technical support, for a multicamera shoot of various performances in the Lion Arts Centre during the Adelaide Fringe Festival (mid-1990s).

Space Trash, providing multicamera filming facilities and technical support, supporting a local community television group to produce a science-fiction television show.

Filipino Folklorico, multicamera filming of two folkdancing concerts (1994).

Royal Adelaide Show, supplying multicamera video recording services since 1995.

Pro Video, subcontracted as a cameraman filming horseracing for multicamera outside broadcast live over Sky Channel, and on-course video judging, 1999–2000.

Adelaide United FC, subcontracted to film the soccer matches for coaching analysis (2006 & 2007).

Northern Music Festival at the Hewitson Theatre – Starplex, supplying assistance and multicamera location filming facilities to the Valley View Secondary School Media Studies faculty, who were filming the festivals from 2007 to 2010.

Oranges and Sunshine (a feature film), supplying working vintage television cameras, and technical support, for use in the Collinswood (Adelaide) ABC studios, to recreate an 1980s television interview in 2009.  This part of the film was actually filmed in the orchestral suite, in the radio part of the ABC, the larger television studio was already occupied.  And just a bit further down the corridor, in one of the radio studios, my 1970s vintage Astor audio mixer went back home to the ABC, for a couple of days, to be filmed in the background of a restaged radio interview.

A Month of Sundays (a feature film), supplying vintage television equipment and technical support, at the Adelaide Studios in Glenside.

And the filming of more weddings, football matches, theatrical performances, concerts, and seminars, than we can remember…

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