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It's almost obligatory to have links to other places on your website, so I won't buck the trend (though I don't follow the other trend of parading my entire life and thoughts on everything as a blog for the whole world to read—I always hated how one of my primary school teachers expected us to do that in a journal, for her to get inside our heads).

This is a list of links to places that I found noteworthy, addresses I want to follow up on later, addresses that I want to use away from my own PC, and returning the favour for some of the people linking to me, etc.  Though I have no intention of setting up a link farm, to do favours for people that I have no reason to.

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Amiga Companies, magazines, mailing lists, recommended software, software, support.
IBM clones Recommended software, software, Microsoft.
Linux Distributions, information.
Mac Companies, software.
E-mail Free providers, search engines.
Entertainment Chat, games, music, reading.
Media Arts, books, cinema, fan sites, film, publishing, radio guides, TV guides, TV stations.
Search Dictionaries, engines, e-mail, help, submitting, reviews.
Research Health, law, rights, miscellaneous.
Other Information, interesting, shopping.

Mention of sites on these pages should not automatically considered to be an endorsement of their contents, some haven't even been looked at by me, yet.  Also, some addresses listed here are quite old and mightn't exist anymore (I do root out the dead ones from time to time, but probably not frequently enough).

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