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This is the business end of my website, covering video production work (including wedding videos), and some aspects of computing (making websites), amongst other things.  Although I'm based in Modbury (around about 12 km North-East of Adelaide), in the city of Tea Tree Gully, South Australia, I do some work outside of my own area.  You can find basic information about my work on the website, but please get in touch with me for more detailed information.

I've been working for myself since leaving high school in the mid 1980s.  Initially doing electronics related work (repairs, installations, customisations, etc.), mostly video related.  Then I started running my own video production business at the end of 1991, and I'm still doing so (everything from pre-production, video recording of special events, mm & 16 mm movie film to video and 35 mm slides to video transfers, post-production, small-scale/small-budget work, big-budget work, corporate videos, narrowcasting and broadcasting).  Before that I was working at other people's studios.  Some of the crew that assist me in productions are ex-ABC staff (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and my origins in video production are similar (using industrial/professional equipment and techniques, not home video toys).

I don't do much electronics work anymore, mainly just looking after my established clients nowadays.  While I'm still doing video production work, and some computer related work (maintenence, website creation, etc.), I don't really chase after work—I'm just not interested in twisting a potential client's arm to convince them to hire me.  If you want something done I can probably do it, most things are possible, and this website covers the usual things people ask me about, though not everything.  Ask me about what you want to know, but I'm not going to pressure someone into doing something that they're unsure about.

We cater for those who want to pay someone to handle all aspects of the production for them, through to those who want to do most of the work themselves, so let us know in what capacity you're interested in hiring us.  Yes, you can save money by managing things yourself, but you also have to deal with all the logistics of organising it.  If you're not familiar with this type of work, and the equipment, you're more likely to save money by letting us manage the job.  We're used to our equipment, used to doing video productions, and don't do things in a way that wastes time and money, nor leaves you stuck with an unfinishable production.

I still have master tapes filed away for just about all video taping work that I've done, and all of the jobs that I've said I'll keep master tapes for, but we don't keep copies of any personal copying work, nor film and slide transfers, unless we're specifically asked to.  If you need a new copy made, of something that we do hold a master for, onto video tape or DVD, then contact me with the details of the original job.

Marketeers are forewarned to read the page about my thoughts on marketeering, before contacting me.

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