Professional video productions

The edit suite


With over twenty-three years of experience, this small business provides a variety of different production services; from just providing assistance or facilities, to fully completed productions.  I'm based in Modbury, South Australia, but I do work outside of my own area.


Anything from providing advice and assistance, to complete pre-production arrangements and planning for you.


The entire production can be produced by us, or we can fit in with your existing production team.


Editing productions, making duplications for clients, and arranging bulk duplications.


A wide variety of equipment is available for use in productions (audio gear, video recording and editing equipment), and a small variety of older equipment is also available for low budget work (for community television productions, etc.).  In general, for my own productions, I work with triple-CCD cameras, professional microphones and audio equipment.  And I work with a colleague using XDCAM and P2 broadcast video equipment.

Equipment hire

Most of the equipment is available for off-site hire, but not for unsupervised use.

Types of productions

Almost anything—I've been involved in video taping concerts, auditions, performances, cultural events, science fiction, sporting events, corporate videos, conventions, conferences, seminars, wedding videos, documentaries, community television productions, etc.  (For the curious, there's another section with information explaining about community television, and some of it's history in Adelaide, South Australia.)

Events can be recorded using single camera coverage (really only suitable for recording events for posterity), or multiple cameras can be used for traditional TV style productions (either live mixed, or post produced).  These events can be produced live, or as studio style productions (events are not performed in one go, but individual parts performed for different filming conditions, sometimes repeated for alternative views, and not necessarily shot in a chronological sequence).

Customers wishing to record a “live” event, whatever method used, are advised to read the information about video taping productions.  Please note that I don't have a filming studio, I only do location shoots (although the location could be someone else's studio space, or any space suitable for studio style of shooting).

There's another page that briefly describes the different stages of the video production process.  It gives some insight into what's involved in pre-production, production, and post-production.  It applies whether it's for live recording or staged filming work.  Clients unfamiliar with video production work might want to read this, to find out more about how we approach producing videos.

Yes, we do handle some last-minute bookings, providing that we can arrange all aspects required of the job (e.g. get enough crew, enough blank recording media, equipment to do the job, charge batteries, and acquire any other materials that are needed, etc.).  But the more advance notice, the better.  At times, I have had to turn down taking on new jobs because I was already booked, or being unable to get enough crew to do a job, etc.  Don't leave it too late when you're booking your job.

Other services

As well as video productions, there's other video related work that I do.  Such as, transferring old Standard and Super 8 movie films, 16 mm (optical sound), or 35 mm slides to video.  See the full list, on this page, under the business heading.


Occasionally I have jobs requiring extra workers, but this work is only sporadic, and often for one day only.  While it's best for people to already be familiar with the job required of them, I will train them in their own time, ahead of the job.

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