Video productions of sports events

Good quality, professional, videos productions without fuss or outrageous pricing.

We do video production work for a variety of special events, some jobs will be done on an hourly charge; other jobs we can give a fixed price for, because we know the amount of work that will go into producing them, and we know the other expenses that will be involved.

There are several things that can be covered when filming a football match, for instance, and it's your choice as to how it's done:  Filming pre-match pep talks, pre-match speeches or ceremonies, half-time entertainment, post-match ceremonies, award presentations, and commentating.  (The same applies for other types of sporting events.)  Alternatively, some clients want a simple wide-angle view of the entire team playing, to assess for coaching purposes.  Please let us know ahead of time what you do and don't want.

It won't cost more to film more things while we're already there (speeches, presentations, etc.), unless there's so much of them that we need to use more tapes or discs, or we need to bring in extra equipment and/or crew.  But bear in mind that it will make your video longer.  It will involve more work (and more cost) to edit out any events that happened that you don't care to include, but were recorded.  So if you don't want half-time entertainment, speeches, and whatnot filmed, then say so ahead of time.

If you want to commentate, we need to know ahead of time, to organise what we bring with us.  Obviously that will include an extra microphone, but could also mean a headset, and possibly a video monitor (which may need mains power).

If you want to use the video for judging things during the game (video umpiring), this brings its own set of requirements into play.  A camera, or cameras, will need placing where they're in useful positions for judging, which may not always be in the best positions for filming a match for aesthetic reasons.  Also, it delays proceedings if players are waiting for a judgement before play continues.

It's most likely that you will need to get permission from all the players (both teams), and perhaps the umpires and venue, to film.  And, if the game is under the control of a league, it's most likely that you'll have to ask their permission, too.  They may have hired someone to film the match, already, with exclusive rights.  And if the game is being played by youngsters, it's almost a dead cert that they will not let any filming without you seeking proper permissions, well ahead of the match date.  You'll need to arrange this ahead of time, do not forget.  Be sure to inform them of what will be filmed, and why.  You can download a sample release form (a PDF file) from this website to give to parents or players, or you can write your own if it's not suitable for your needs.

We usually find that people will come up and ask us if they can get/buy a copy of the match, it nearly always happens.  Let us know what to tell them, beforehand (whether we can take orders, or the contact details for who they should speak to, or if they will not be able to do so).  If you have us take orders, let us know whether we should take names and give you a list, whether we should take money for such orders, whether you'll distribute the copies, or whether people will deal directly with us.  If you're going to handle this on the day, make sure you that take what you need with you to organise that.

Some pricing details

Simple single camera coverage of a football match $280–350 (length and travelling time dependent; discounted, if you provide transportation).  Recording multiple matches, at the same venue on the same day, will cost more, but will not be a simple doubling or tripling of the price.  Since there's only one set of travelling back and forth, at the beginning and end of the day, transportation costs are not included in the costs of filming extra events.

“Simple” meaning it's filmed, dubbed off, and has no editing.  We'll put chapters in so you can skip to the beginning of each quarter, half time, and the beginning of any presentations.  But if you want extras, such as chapters placed before every goal kicked, we'll charge for the time involved in finding them all, and marking them in (probably $25–50, because it'll take between one and two hours to go through a two hour recording).

Multiple camera coverage could include any of the following:

NB:  We offer the option of you providing crew, and/or transporation, as a means of reducing your costs, but be aware that:  This must be arranged ahead of time.  There will have to be some crew training before filming.  I may reject some people as being unsuitable.  And unskilled crew won't do as good a job as skilled crew, although unskilled crew can do reasonably good coverage when they're being directed.

Filming crew training is best done on an event, so ask a prior event if they don't mind you filming them for this purpose.  Filming multiple events on one day can be a way of reducing your costs, too, if you can get several events to pay to be filmed, the daily hire cost can be spread amongst everyone.


As mentioned above, multi-camera work requires mains power, but single-camera filming can usually run off batteries.  An exception being having to film several matches in a row, that may require mains power, although we have batteries that last several hours.

Permission to film from both teams, officials, and venue.  Don't ignore this, we had one client presume he had permission, but he didn't ask everyone that he needed to check with, and we were stopped at the gates.

Access to the venue well before the match.  We need to get in, carry gear in, find a suitable location that we're allowed to be in, and set-up the equipment.

A location to film in which has some height.  Generally speaking, filming needs to be done from above the players.  At completely flat venues, two simple options are to hire some temporary scafolding, or to film standing on the back of someone's ute.  We don't have one, but if you have access to one, it will be cheaper than hiring scaffolding.  Though you can erect scaffolding in places that you might not be able to park a vehicle.

Just some of our previous work

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