Reviews section

This is where I've written reviews on some things, or perhaps just described or illustrated them.  From time to time, I go searching the internet trying to find information about obscure bits of equipment.  I'm sure I'm not the only one, so I'm returning the favour by doing the same about things that I've got around here, or have had access to.

If you want something reviewed, I can be bought.  Well, not really.…  For money, goods, or services, I am prepared to review products, but the review will reflect what I think of the thing, and I will publish the whole review on my site.  Whether you make use of any parts of it, is up to you.  About the only direction I'll accept is what's most important for you to have reviewed about it (e.g. if it's a product aimed for domestic or professional use, or if you want to show how robust it is, etc.).

Audio gear


DVD equipment

There's also an info page on DVD formats elsewhere on my site, that explains many of the details about DVDs, and has some critique about them.

Miscellaneous video equipment

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