Supported media

I have equipment for playing back the following media:

And for recording onto the following media:

Other media formats:

If you're desperate, I also have a very old Panasonic half-inch open-reel monochrome video recorder, a semi-functional low-band Umatic edit suite, and can arrange for a equipment to handle Video-8, Hi-8, or Digital-8 tapes, 16 mm film with magnetic sound, high-band (BVU) and SP Umatic, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, DigiBeta, 1″ C format and 2″ Quad tapes (low-band and high-band).  And may be able to access equipment for playing other formats not listed here.

I do have some equipment for MiniDV, but not for the various other DV (Digital Video) formats (e.g. DVC, DVCAM, DVCPRO).  Something would have to be arranged to play them.

NB:  With some domestic formats, they will only play back properly on the same equipment that recorded them (i.e. the original camcorder or VCR), particularly any long play (LP) recordings.  For those cases, we'll need your equipment to play back the recording to be able to copy it.

Four small cassette formats

At the top left is an ordinary Compact Audio Cassette, and below it is a Digital 8 tape.  They're approximately the same size as each other (as illustrated, above), though the 8 mm cassette is a bit thicker.  Video-8 (also known as 8 mm video), Hi-8 and Digital 8 all use the same sized cassettes, but are completely different recording systems.  I can play Video-8 tapes, but do not have the equipment for the other variations.  I'll either have to arrange to bring in other equipment, or you'll have to bring in your camera to play back your tape.

At the top right is a Compact S-VHS (also known as S-VHS-C) cassette.  The same sized cassette is also used for Compact VHS (also known as VHS-C).  In either case, they're just a bit slimmer than a VHS cassette, so they can fit into a shell that'll, then, fit into an ordinary VCR.  Again, while both VHS and S-VHS use tapes in the same-sized plastic shells as each other, the recordings made onto the tapes are completely different from each other.  I can play either, but I do not have the adaptor shell to fit these tapes into my equipment.  You'll need to supply one with your tape.

At the bottom right is a MiniDV cassette.  I have some DV equipment.  If you need any of the other DV format tapes copied, we'll need to arrange to bring in a player, or you'll need to supply something to play it in (particularly if it's a long play recording).  Please contact me about this, first.

I've included these pictures, above, including the formats that I don't support, so that people can identify the types of cassette they have when they're not labelled.


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