Tim Seifert

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An old picture of me in the edit suite

I'm a cameraman and electronics engineer, by trade, with interests in mostly classical music, though also some jazz, but not most pop.  And I'm into science fiction, electronics, computers, and video production.

I'm 38 (when this page was last modified around the end of 2007), I've been self employed since I left school.  I run my own video production company, as well as providing technical support and maintenance services.  And I was running a computer BBS too (just for interests sake), for quite some time, but I've since retired it.

I starting using Amiga computers for my personal computing because I prefer them (I have used all the major computer systems available to home users, and a few others too).  If you're interested, you can see a picture of my Amiga 1200 recased in a wooden box.  I also use IBM PC clones, because you've virtually got no choice (try getting a scanner, digital camera, etc., working on an Amiga, and you're in for a tough time).  But I find them an seriously unreliable appliance (even if you don't use Windows on them).  There's also a little bit of information about this, in the computing section.  And I've, more recently, moved away from fighting with Windows over to computing with Linux.

I had a strong involvement in community television during the late 1980s.  And every now and then supported a production that otherwise couldn't be made because funding wasn't available, as well as providing technical assistance and training.  I used to get regularly involved in various community arts productions, though the last one (Space Trash) was quite some time ago.

I've worked voluntarily in schools during the 1980s and 1990s, spending around six years in high schools, and six years in special education (with the disabled).  While I had once thought of becoming a teacher, that time convinced me that I definitely wouldn't want to take up teaching as a career.  Even more so, these days.

If you're reading this page to try and work out if I'm someone that you know:  I went to school at Modbury West Primary School in the mid 1970s, Para Vista High School (now called Valley View Secondary School) in the the mid 1980s (there's old photos of me on the schools and 1980s pages), then studied electronics at the Regency Institute of TAFE (otherwise known as the Regency Park TAFE).  I've always lived in Modbury (a suburb in the city of Tea Tree Gully, North East of Adelaide, South Australia), in the same house; and I've still got the same phone number (as well as the new business one).

If you want to get in contact with me, check out the details on the contact information page.  If you're someone that I worked with in the past, then do get in touch.  Likewise for my old school friends.

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