Do I want to know about faults on this website?

In general, yes.  Though while the website is new (established in October 2006) there'll be quite a few errors which I'll be weeding out myself, so it's probably not worth reporting scads of faults in the early days.  I do run the pages through error checkers, but I'm changing things quite a bit, and there's still a few experiments being run where I mayn't have corrected everything.

After that you're welcome to send reports about everything from typing errors to page rendering problems (screenshots help if they're hard to describe), though remember that I use Australian English.  For instance, our punctuation and spelling are often different (e.g. “colour” is spelt with a “u” in it, and many words end with “ise” not “ize”).

If you're really interested, our standardised spelling is defined in the Macquarie dictionary, though there are some regional variations.  But I'm darned if I can find a way to look up words on their website without paying for the privilege, I use the printed edition.  (Remember books?  Those things that people used to read before the internet.)

You're also welcome to let me know about other errors of content.  And if you came here looking for information and found a page that almost answered what you wanted to know, but not quite, ask—I may have the answer, and I may update the page.

When reporting faults be sure to specify the address for the page with the fault, whereabouts on the page it is, and what the fault is.  It's also probably a good idea to mention what browser you're using, most have their own faults (if it's that sort of fault that you're reporting).

There's currently an issue where people that haven't configured their browsers to include English in the languages that they can read, will get a 406 error response to most of the pages that they request from this webserver.

Technically, this isn't a server error—as the server is right to believe that you can't read English, since you've got your browser configured that way, and it's warning you that you're about to receive some “unacceptable data”.  Though this is annoying procedure to have to deal with, particularly if you were going to read more than just one page.

It's really a browser configuration error—if you can read English, then add it to the list of languages that you can read in your browser configuration (this will solve quite a few problems on more than just this website).  But be sure to place your preferred languages at the top of your list, so that multilingual websites offer you pages written in your preferred language, by default (if your browser actually uses the technology properly).

Newer versions of the Apache web server can be configured to just give you what's available if nothing really suits what your browser says you can handle, and you let you deal with a page written in a foreign language, yourself.  Unfortunately, the server software hosting some websites mayn't be one of those versions.

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