About copying from this website

Linking to specific resources on this website may not be a good idea, not everything is permanent on here.  Although main sections will probably remain on the site, individual pages may get removed or changed.  For this reason, it may be best to copy anything that you consider worth using in the future.

If you wish to make use of any graphics from this site on your own site, then copy the files to your own server.  Incorporating another site's images in your own pages is bandwidth theft; and many browsers don't show images coming from outside sites, thesedays, for security/privacy reasons (i.e. if you want people to be able to see images on your pages, serve the images from the same server as the pages—your own).

Likewise, you can copy pages from this website, in whole or in part (see my copyright notice page).  You do not have to link to something on this site to make use of the information.

Look at the source code for a page that you're going to copy to determine what other files to copy, as well.  For example, most of my pages use common style sheets, and they're served from the /styles/ directory (off the root, not a sub-directory for the page that you're looking at—note the leading slash in the address paths in the HTML source).  While you don't need to copy them, unless you want to, I'm using them as an example of additional page content.

On the other hand, images specific to certain pages are probably in a sub-directory for the current page, though images common to many pages are probably stored off the root.  Again, look at the source code and pay attention to whether, or not, the address starts with a slash.

You probably won't be able to list the contents of directories, as I disallow that in most cases; you'll have to directly fetch the particular files that you require, individually.

If you're new at this, and/or don't understand it, then head off to my website authoring guide and learn more about it.

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