About linking to this website

Linking to specific resources on this website may not be a good idea, not everything is permanent on here.  Although main sections will probably remain on the site, individual pages may get removed or changed.

When making links to pages, use the URIs that I use within the pages; or if the server redirects you to another one, then that's the one that you should use (i.e. when you get a “301 redirect,” use the address that you're redirected to—it's an instruction about a permanent change in address).  Do not add or remove slashes, and do not remove “www” from the domain name, do not append “.html” to page addresses; you will be making eroneous addresses that will need correcting, or might simply just not work (now, or later).  If you make assumptions about what you think addresses ought to be, you will make mistakes.

My policy for constructing addresses within this site is to use all lower-case letters, to use single hyphens between words instead of spaces or any other punctuation, avoiding any characters or symbols that are not well understood by the general public, and avoiding anything that requires using the shift key.

While addresses to graphics, or other specific files, may use filename suffixes, page addresses do not.  This allows pages to be re-written using different file formats (HTML, ASP, PHP, Perl, et cetera), if needed, but keeping the same page address.  It also allows a page to be replaced with a sub-directory, whilst keeping the same address, should it need expanding beyond a single page.

If you wish to make use of any graphics from this site on your own site, then copy the files to your own server.  Incorporating another site's images in your own pages is bandwidth theft; and many browsers don't show images coming from outside sites, these days, for security/privacy reasons (i.e. if you want people to be able to see images on your pages, serve the images from the same server as the pages—your own).

Likewise, you can copy pages from this website, in whole or in part (see my copyright notice page).  You do not have to link to something on this site to make use of the information.

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