About redirections to this website

You're most likely reading this page because you visited an older website of mine (my old site on PICKNOWL, the night.owl website on Optus, or the evpc.biz website), it's redirected you to the new website (this one, started around November, 2006), and you're not sure whether you're at the right place.  Well, you are.  This site is to replace them, eventually they'll be deleted.

Likewise, my current e-mail addresses, etc., are listed on this site's contact details page, which are to be used instead of all the older ones.  Eventually, any contact details that are not listed on that page will be discontinued.

Most of the contents from the older sites have been moved to here, though some may have been dropped, and the placement of content within the sites has changed for some items, as well as some major rewrites of some things. 

Just a general redirection from the old website to the new one has been used in some cases, rather than specifically redirect each page to their replacements.  It would have been a mammoth task to specifically redirect all the old pages to their new locations, and it's not always suitable to redirect specific pages when there isn't a direct replacement.  Also, in some cases it was impossible to arrange redirects (e.g. the hosting service doesn't provide user-configurable HTTP headers, or I no longer have access to the original server to arrange it).

For the non-specific redirects you should be able to find what you want by looking in the most appropriate sounding sections listed in the navigational menus on most pages, and there's a table of contents page that lists the main pages on this website, all in the one place.

Main sections:
contact details
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video production
misc info
website info/help
Info about this site
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