Contact details

Do not send me spam, nor do anything to cause it.  Offenders automatically consent to any response I deem appropriate.  Marketeers are forewarned to read the page about my thoughts on marketeering, before contacting me.

If you're contacting me about buying something on this website, please remember that this site has a lot of informational pages about technical equipment.  Often, other people selling their own gear will refer to one of my pages for information.  If one of my pages doesn't say something's for sale, there's no point asking.  Anything that I do want to sell, trade, rent, or provide services for, will have an overt advertisement.

If you're contacting me for the first time, it's nice if you let me know how you found me (word of mouth, business cards, the big Adelaide Yellow Pages book, the smaller local area Yellow Pages book, Google, etc.), as it helps keep costs down if we can get rid of any useless advertising sources.

And for any old personal, family, or school friends who've found my website, yes, it would be nice to hear from you.  You don't need an excuse to get in touch.

Telephone “Tim” at

Mobile: 0410 930024 (Vodafone)
Office: 8396 6392 (Monday–Friday, 9–5)

I'm located in Modbury, South Australia, so interstate callers need to prefix the office number with 08.  International callers should prefix the office number with 618 (South Australia), or the mobile number with 61 (Australia) and ignore the leading zero on the mobile phone number.  Also, see the timezone details, below.

I leave my answering machine on all the time, so if I cannot get to the phone in time, at least something answers the call.  Don't immediately hang up if you hear the machine take your call.  If you're leaving a message on the machine, be sure to also tell me your name, number, and whether to call you back during the day or after hours.

If you've been having trouble reaching me, between 11 and 2 is usually the best time to try.  If you have been unable to reach me on the phone, here's a few things to consider.  Conversely, if you didn't get a call back when you expected one, you might want to check through some of the common problems I have returning some phone calls.

NB:  I do not consider mobile phone SMS to be reliable.  Some messages can take hours to arrive, some never arrive, and the sender will not know if their message hasn't been seen.  And it is a lot easier to carry on a conversation using landline phones, instead of mobile phones (where you can't hear every second word that's being said).

South Australian (Adelaide) timezone

We're usually 9 ½ hours ahead of GMT, but that changes to 10 ½ hours ahead during daylight savings.  Traditionally, this was from 2 a.m. on the last Sunday of October, through to 3 a.m. of the first Sunday in April.  But, since 2009, it seems that it will be from the first Sunday of October, to the first Sunday in April, from now on.


Business & general enquiries:

That's right, the addresses aren't clickable, I'd get too much spam if they were.  You can copy and paste the address, type them, or you can send me a message using a webpage form.

Yes, “nospam” is part of the address, only write to one of the addresses as displayed, not both, or your mail will be classified as being spam.  These addresses are the new contact details, for myself and this website, replacing all former addresses.

NB:  It's better to phone me about any business-related queries, you'll get quicker and better answers—for most enquiries, I'll need to ask you questions, too, before I can give any quotes.  My website info pages have some information about how, when, or whether I'm likely to respond to e-mail.

Other contact methods

To friends looking to find me on facebook, I am there.  Though be aware that I do not intend to add people who are not close personal friends—no businesses, professional aquaintances, or strangers that I've just met briefly.  You'd have to be someone that I'd have no qualms inviting into my home for social reasons, and vice versa.

I have dallied with Skype, but I find it terrible at crashing, and don't have it running all the time.  If you want to Skype me, send me a message some other way, first.

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