Privacy policy

Like most websites, this one logs the accesses made to it.  In general, website access logs are made to monitor the interest in the site (what parts people look at, what's most popular), to locate and fix errors (e.g. what people try to load, but weren't able to), and to monitor for signs of malicious behaviour.  At this time, I have no need to use cookies and haven't used them anywhere on this website.

The logging is anonymous (i.e. it only knows that somebody at someplace accessed which parts of the site), unless you deliberately identify yourself (e.g. by sending me an e-mail, or logging on to a part of the website that asks for a username and password previously arranged between us).  However there is enough information always being logged (see logging info) so that a visitor's ISP can work out who's accessed what, and they can deal with them, should someone make a nuisance of themselves.

While I have no hesitation in dobbing in pests to their ISP, or publicly shaming people who send offensive messages, I have no interests in spamming people, nor providing personal details to someone else that might spam them nor has any right to the information anyway; I truly hate anything to do with spamming or selling of personal data.  Anything you do send to me will be considered private and confidential, unless you make a nuisance of yourself.

Having said that, be aware that the confidentiality of any data transmitted across the internet cannot be guaranteed.  Consider that before sending something that you wouldn't like to be accidentally read by the wrong person, it can happen all-too-easily.  Encrypting your mail can help, but it's still not an absolute guarentee of privacy (e.g. no system is perfect, it's effectiveness is dependent on how you use it, and you still have to make sure that you send your messages to the right addresses).

Unfortunately, it's child's play for spammers to forge addresses and make it seem that someone else is spamming you when they're not.  I'd go as far as saying that most spam uses forged details, just about all the spam that I've seen appears forged.  Be very sure of your facts before you accuse someone of spamming you, because you certainly won't be getting any from me.

Some web browsers have features to check the P3P privacy policies of some websites (if they have one).  They can show the information to you, and adjust how your browser works with some websites (e.g. automatically allowing or denying some types of cookies, or data transfers, based on your preferences).  This site doesn't have one, they're essentially useless.  They're not a reliable/trustworthy system—I have an informational page about privacy policies, if you want to know more about them.

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