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The information provided on this website is here to be used, you may copy it, but not claim it as your own.  It is all original material, written by me (Tim Seifert), unless it says otherwise on particular pages.  As the author I hold the copyrights for the contents of this website, all rights reserved.

Having said that, you do not have to ask my permission to use the information I've provided here, but I am interested in knowing when something's being used for reference material (my contact details are available from this website), and you should properly attribute any material that you've copied (e.g. with the author's name, and the website's homepage address, and/or the addresses of particular pages on the website that you've used—you can choose which way to do that).

If you find something of value on here, then I strongly suggest that you make your own copy of it, rather than just bookmark it.  I mayn't keep everything on this website permanently, and I do edit the contents from time to time.  (See my info page about copying from this site.)


Linking to specific resources on this website may not be a good idea, not everything is permanent on here.  Although main sections will probably remain on the site, individual pages may get removed or changed.  (See my info page about linking to this site.)

If you wish to make use of any graphics on this site on your own site, then copy the files to your own server.  Incorporating another site's images in your own pages is bandwidth theft; and many browsers don't show images coming from outside sites, these days, for security/privacy reasons (i.e. if you want people to be able to see images on your pages, serve the images from the same server as the pages—your own).

Video and photographic production work:

I hold the copyrights for the work that I produce, but my clients are free to copy the jobs I've done for them as they need to, although I'd prefer if they ask me to do the copying first (i.e. get a quote from me as well as other companies).  In most cases I have the master tapes; this means that I can do much better copies from it than you could by taking your tape to a dubbing house.  Likewise with photos (I have the negatives, and can arrange better quality prints to be made than you'll be able to get by copying the prints you have).

Why do I keep master tapes?  Several times I've had people ask me if I can rescue a damaged recording of theirs that's precious.  Usually I can't, but if I have a master tape I can simply run off a new copy.  If I didn't keep the masters, I couldn't do that.  And, if I gave the masters away, they'd probably suffer the same fate as the copy that died.  Also, my master tapes are generally recorded on formats that most people can't play, themselves (e.g. S-VHS).

Copyright law:

In general, all work is automatically covered by copyright, simply by being created and published.  The author owns all rights, unless an agreement has been made to the contrary, and there is no requirement to make a specific copyright notice.

It isn't the copyright notice that protects the work (it's still protected even without a notice), a copyright notice serves only these sort of functions:

Copyright is not about the blanket-banning of copying anything, but to protect the rights of the author.  Copyright law is about protecting the interests of publishers.  There are situations where some copying is allowed without having to seek permission, but usually only limited portions can be copied, and for situations such as critique, reviews, and studying.

For further information, research into international copyright law, and your local copyright laws, yourself.  But to be sure to look for authoritative information, and not just take someone's view on things as being correct, before you do something that might breach copyright law.  Of course, asking the copyright owner for permission is the best thing to do.  You never know, they just might say, “Yes.”

As already stated, above, you're free to copy material from this website, and clients may freely copy work that I have produced for them.  However, be warned that this does not give you copyright for any of my material that you've copied, the rights don't transfer.

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