This camera versus that one

A very brief comparison of some of the key points between film versus digital cameras, and automatic versus manually controlled cameras.

Film versus digital
Film Digital
Supports a wide contrast range Can only manage a fraction of film's contrast range
Very high resolution.  35 mm is the same as used on the huge screens at the cinema Generally, comparibly, very low
Spectral, and other image, responses selectable by the film you load The camera requires replacing if you don't like the response
May give 40 years of good service Probably hopelessly outdated in two years
Batteries not essential Batteries unavoidable
Through the lens viewfinders let you see what you'll take a picture of (that the image is in- or out-of-focus), and you can use them in broad daylight Optical viewfinders are generally just an frame around what'll be in shot.  Electronic viewfinders use yet more battery power, are too low in resolution to really check focus, and are almost impossible to view in daylight.
Delay before you can see your pictures Near-instant results.
Automatic versus manual
Automatic Manual
Usually requires no thought to take an average shot, but requires considerable knowledge (of photographic prinicples, and how the particular camera works) to override automatic settings in a useful manner, when the automatic settings are wrong, or when you want to create certain effects It's generally second nature to any reasonably experience photographer to manually set the focus to take a non-blurry picture (i.e. turn the lens to picture looks sharp, take picture, and that's all)
The system doesn't know what's important to the shot The user knows to focus on the person, not the background, nor the object in front of them.  The user knows to set exposure for the desired object, not the view through the window behind them.
Every shot requires time for the camera to adjust before taking photos You only have to change the settings when the scene changes, so three photos of almost the same moment only take as long as it takes you to click and wind on.

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