The sky after a bushfire during the 2005 Christmas break

There was a bushfire quite some fair way away from where I live, around Christmas 2005, but lots of the smoke drifted over and gave us some spectacularly, and quite spooky end-of-the-world looking yellow/orange coloured sky, and a vivid red sunset.  The colours in these pictures are fairly accurate, though the exposure is rather poor (the camera just doesn't have the range).

As I recall, much of that day the sky was a strange murky yellow–brown colour, and, of course, meant everything else got tinged that way, making it look like you were in part of some science-fiction movie.  It was much more colourful than the sky during a dust storm.  Later on in the afternoon, quite a bit before sunset, it got very orange.  Then by sunset we had vivid red skys.

Ominous sky, facing south east, before sunset
Really spooky looking, facing south west.  No, no nuke went off.
Probably the closest to the how it looked to the eye, facing north west.
Very orange sky, a bit before sunset
Sunset towards the South
Sunset towards the South West

These photos were taken using a Polaroid PDC1320 digital still camera, and it really doesn't do justice to what you could see at the time.

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