Scenes from around Australia

Some pictures that a representative of Australia, as a whole.  Some are photos that I've dug out and scanned from my old photograph collection, from when we went around the country when I was a kid.  As well as some that I've taken more recently.

[photo of the Kelly Hill Limestone caves at Kangaroo Island]

The limestone caves at Kelly Hill, on Kangaroo Island, near the Flinders Chase National Park.  Lit with a mixture of the flash built into my Ricoh 35 EFL camera (not very good), and the lighting that they've added to the caves (sodium-based, if I recall correctly).  The caves had a walking path that you went along on a guided tour.

[photo of a koala in Flinders Chase National Park at Kangaroo Island]

A koala, on one of our trips to to Kangaroo Island in the 1980s, if I recall correctly.  It was just sitting there, almost begging for a photo to be taken.  It'd be in the Flinders Chase National Park, near the Kelly Hill caves.  This photo would have been taken by me at least fifteen years ago.  It's a real photo (shot on film, printed on paper, and scanned from the paper, fairly recently), taken using my Ricoh 35 EFL.

[photo of a wallaby on Granite Island at Victor Harbor, South Australia]

A wallaby (they're a bit like a kangaroo, but only about two foot tall).  This one was taken on Granite Island, at Victor Harbor, around twenty years ago, while you could still walk all over the island.  Now, much of it is fenced off.  There used to be a small group of them, living around the base of that tree, apparently.  This photo was probably taken using my Ricoh 35 EFL.

[photo of a Tasmanian Devil in Urimbirra Wildlife Park at Victor Harbor, South Australia]

A Tasmanian Devil (the animal unrealistically parodied in the old Warner Brothers cartoons).  They're a bit smaller than a rottweiler, built like a rather burly cat, they're grumpy, impulsive, and reputed to have a go at eating anything that moves (even chasing rocks that have rolled down a hill, trying to gnaw on them).  This one was shot in the Urimbirra wildlife park down at Victor Harbor.  Again, probably taken using my Ricoh 35 EFL, in the 1980s.

[photo of Adelaide, South Australia, seen over the Adelaide cricket grounds]

A view of Adelaide, from near the foot of the Light Monument in North Adelaide, on a drizzly day.  It's not a very good picture, and had to be significantly tweaked to get a barely reasonable view, so it'll get replaced sometime.  It was actually yet another test photo, taken using my Polaroid PDC1320 testing against my Chinon CE-4, and a friend's Canon PowerShot A520 camera, just before I bought my own.

[photo of Sideshow Alley at the Royal Adelaide Show]

A moment in time in Sideshow Alley during the 2006 Royal Adelaide Show.  This is a very long exposure taken of a ride whizzing around, to avoid using a flash.  Taken using my Canon PowerShot A520.

[photo of Tree Felling in the Woodcutting Carnival at the Royal Adelaide Show]

A combination woodcutting event at the 2006 Royal Adelaide Show (our State Fair).  Woodcutting is a competition with a 101-year history at the show, by 2006, and an extremely popular attraction.  In this event, competitors start by cutting through a log that they're standing on top of (these are just visible on bottom left row of logs).  Then their partner cuts though an upright log on a stand, at waist height (visible next to the competitors standing on the ground, in the middle of the picture).  Finally, their last partner climbs up the tree on boards they've inserted into the tree during the event, cuts through one side of the log at the top, climbs back down and climbs up the opposite side of the tree, and finishes cutting off the log (seen on the right, in front of the spectator stand).  Taken using my Canon PowerShot A520.

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