Miniatures exhibition

The exhibition was interesting, surprisingly more than I expected.  Some of these miniatures had a lot of, what was obviously painstaking, work put into them.  Particularly the one in the first picture below.

The following are a scans made of some real 35 mm film photographs, taken at a dolls and miniatures exhibition in the Saint Peter's Town Hall, on the 13th of August, 2006.  They're a couple of hand-held, natural-light, long-exposure, photographs, hence the motion blur with some of the people (those that weren't standing still).  I was surprised that I managed to hold it still enough so that everything else was quite sharp, though these scans really don't do justice to the original photo quality (the colour and exposure, chiefly).

picture of a furnished, multi-storey, miniature house

Rather than take just a close up of the house, I deliberately wanted to include some of the activity in the hall.  Unfortunately there wasn't much at that time.  Though, luckily, no-one walked directly in front of the camera.

view from the main doorway to the stage

For the second photo, I was more interested in trying to photograph the hall, itself.  But I'd need a much wider angle lens to fit all of it in.  Out of the two possible choices (taking a portrait- or landscape-oriented shot), I felt that getting a large proportion of the floor and ceiling looked nicer than the walls.

For the really curious, they're both f5.6, half-second, exposures on ordinary consumer Superia X-TRA 400 Fujicolor film, using a 28 mm mm wide-angle lens on a Chinon CE-4 camera, and printed on matte Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper.  They were developed and printed at the local photo shop (using a Fuji digital printing system, which destroys much of the benefits of optical photography), then scanned on cheap Olympic OTC-1200 CU flatbed scanner (since that's all I've got).

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