I like to do a bit of cooking, so I'm putting up a few of my favourite recipes here.  Well more to the point, I like to indulge myself in some food that tastes better made the way that I want it.  And it's a change from the rest of my (mostly technical) web site.

These recipes (below) are from my school days.  The Hot Cross Buns recipe is from high school, probably in my second year (making it around 37 years old).  I recall them coming out rather nicely when I made them at school, much better than the ones we bought from shops.  Though when I recently tried to make them they came out too plain, they might need a bit more seasoning than the recipe suggests, or my spices may be a bit plain.  And I think they needed to be moister.

I think the Nuttie Flapjacks were probably from my sister's playgroup, though (making them the oldest recipe here).  And the Pikelets recipe was from my first years at primary school (we made them on campfires at the end of the school playground), so it's well over forty years old.