Out-of-date pages

Some of the pages in the business section are out-of-date (such as 4:3 cameras, and recording on video tape), but have been kept for historical purposes.  While we maintain the equipment, it's rare that someone would want to produce something that way, anymore.  As time goes by, links to job type pages will link to newer equipment pages for those types of productions.

Having said that, 4:3 production can still be useful for things like on-line videos, where the picture is going to be embedded in a page, rather than full screen.  Or for feeding video to projection screens in conference halls, where it's screen height, more than width, that's the important factor (the apparent size of most things is determined by height, not width; such as head-and-shoulder close-ups of people talking).  But most other production work wants 16:9 widescreen, these days.

And video tape based production is almost unheard of, now.  The equipment is more likely to be used for replaying archival recordings to dub onto something more modern.  We keep a variety of old-technology players to handle that kind of work.

There's quite a few pages which list pricing with old dates next to them.  In most cases, this is simply because the price has not changed since that date, and the same price is still valid.  Of course it pays to get in touch and ask about it, beforehand.