How to visit the bum tree

Photo 1.

- 1 -

Start off on the path that runs along the Modbury OBahn bus station, between it and the Tea Tree Plaza car park.

Walk (South) down the path and under the bridge.

Photo 2.

- 2 -

Once you've gone under the bridge, you'll see these flower beds.

Keep walking ahead along the path, following the fence on the left.

Photo 3.

- 3 -

As you continue along the path, you'll pass the OBahn car park.

Photo 4.

- 4 -

Keep walking down the path, past the end of the car park.

Photo 5.

- 5 -

Keep walking down the same path, it curves around the end of the car park…

Photo 6.

- 6 -

… and down the hill, towards a bridge (still on the same path).

Photo 7.

- 7 -

Cross the bridge, and turn right, heading up again.

Photo 8.

- 8 -

Walk up the path, towards the park.

Photo 9.

- 9 -

Keep walking along the path (it cuts through the park).  The tree is about a third of the way through, next to a metal bench (seen here, looking rather dark).

Map detailing how to get there.


Here's a map detailing the path to follow, with numbers written along the path, corresponding to the instructions on this page.

There are some photos of the bum tree on another page.

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