Making sense of signature scripts for Evolution, on Fedora Core Linux

Some time ago I tried to use an external script to generate a signature on Evolution, but couldn't find out how to stop it wrapping all the text into one jumbled paragraph.  Nothing (that I could find) gave any real, or useful, details about how to use scripts.

It didn't occur to me, until now, that was because Evolution treats all message composition as HTML (just look at the message source code of anything you save in the “drafts” folder), even when you're going to send as plain text (it converts the results when you press “send” in the message editor).  So you ought to write your script to produce the signature as HTML (see the following example).  Save your script somewhere appropriate, and write the path to it in the signature configuration preferences in Evolution.

Example script:


echo "<div>-- </div>"

echo "<p>I might put a personalised signature, here.</p>"

echo "<p>Uptime: "
echo "</p>"

echo "<pre>"
/usr/bin/fortune -s
echo "</pre>"

Output of example script:

Here would be the end of the message I'm replying to…

I might put a personalised signature, here.

Uptime: 02:42:32 up 17:47, 3 users, load average: 0.51, 0.52, 0.37

All generalizations are false, including this one.
                -- Mark Twain

NB:  I've made the example complex to demonstrate how to do several different things, with separating space between them, all in one example.  I wouldn't advise posting with such a signature, people get mightily peeved at long signatures.  On that note, if you're going to use the fortune program, investigate the options for picking short fortunes and avoiding the offensive ones.

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