A very brief review of local pizza places

What website would be complete without pizza?  Well, probably not this one, and many more.  Around where I live (Modbury, South Australia) there's a variety of places to get pizzas from, we've been testing them out.  And here they are, listed in order of best to worst, though it's only really the last two local pizza places that were bad.  The rest are quite close contenders.

But the best pizzas, that I've had, aren't local.  You have to go Johno's Pizza Restaurant, down at Victor Harbor.  There's a small restaurant on the main street that goes through the town, the one that the cinema fronts onto, and it's near the end of the street furthest away from Granite Island.  Or, down to Glenelg.  Since they're not local, and I haven't reviewed many other non-local pizza places to dedicate another page to them, I've listed it at the end of this page.

Local pizzas

Valentino Pizza Cafe

At last, someone who knows how to make good pizzas, and they're near me, and they also have indoor tables so you can dine-in, as well as take-away and delivery.  But you can't beat dine-in pizza, over pizza in a cardboard box.  When I can't be bothered to make my own pizzas, this is where I go.

They're on the corner of Grand Junction Road and Nelson Road, in Valley View, 8395 3700.

Pizza Capers (shop closed)

I would have rated these people next, in fact I did, but they've disappeared.  One time I had a very nice pizza with three different types of tomatoes on top.

They were on North East Road, in Modbury, 8395 5444.

Pizza Bite

Now the second best of my local pizza places that I've tried, so far.  Delivery can take quite a while if they're busy, though.

They're on Milne Road, in Redwood Park, 8395 8444.

Reservoir Road Chicken, Seafood, and Pizza (the shop has disappeared)

Another quite good one, though I've only tried them once.  I think I would have liked it even more if they hadn't put some extra stuff on the pizza that I didn't ask for.

On Reservoir Road, in Modbury, 8263 5700.

Marina Pizza Bar & Restaurant

Quite good one, but I've only tried them twice.  The second time I asked for chicken on the pizza, and I don't think it was as nice as the chicken other places use.  Very nice garlic bread.  Has a proper pizza oven.

They're at 471a North East Road, Hillcrest, 8261 7904.

Gigi's Pizza

Fairly nice, a bit too expensive.  Only tried them twice, so far.

They're on Montague Road, in Ingle Farm, 8396 2544.

Australia's Pizza house

Quite nice, though you might need to ask for extra herbs if you don't like them plain.  Also one of the cheaper, probably because they don't deliver.

They're about four minutes walk away from here, on Berryman Drive, in Modbury, next to the Clovercrest Shops, 8265 0977.

Pizza Patrol, or Modbury Pizza Bar and Deli Plus

Quite nice, very quick delivery, but probably a bit herbier than I want.  Very cheerful service over the phone.

They're on North East Road, Modbury, 8263 7399.

Pizza Hut

They were much better when they were dine-in a restaurant.  Back then, I'd rate them as the best of the bunch.  But now most places are the same—take-away pizza going soggy in a cardboard box, that really was too-quickly cooked, in the first place.  While I like their fairly spicy tomato sauce, their cheese is like chewing through overcooked bacon rashers, they were forever getting my order wrong, and taking ages to deliver (a 50 minute wait is common, but I've had one 7 hours late, I kid you not).

They're on Nelson Road, in Para Hills, 131166.

Domino's Pizza

At first I didn't like these as much as Australia's Pizza Houses, even though they were a bit spicier (more hot than flavoursome).  But since I started customising my order, I've liked them more.  Unfortunately, they're quite expensive.

Then they cheapened themselves, and made overcooked bland pizzas.

They're on North East Road, in Modbury (where the Pizza Haven shop used to be), 131888.

Pizza Haven

Quite awful, I've always felt queasy part way through having one of theirs, they seem to have a lot of oil in them.

They were on North East Road, Modbury, but they've moved somewhere else.

Dough Boyz Pizzaria (went out of business)

(Or it might be “Doughboys,” I've seen it written both ways.)

They were best of my local pizza places that I've tried, so far.  They have a proper (electric) pizza oven, not one of those conveyor belt things which (badly) cook pizzas too fast.  Very nice, properly cooked pizzas.  And, they have plenty of non-pizza foods on their menu.  Offering delivery, take-away, and some tables outside their shop to eat your pizza right there.

They're at 106 Kelly Road, Modbury North, 8265 6668.

Addendum:  They went out of business, and two or three other people took over the same premises, in succession, with very slight changes to the shop name and shopfront signage.  They were dreadful, by comparison, and just plain awful in general (bland, tasteless ingredients, and badly cooked).

Long distance pizzas

If the pizza place isn't local to me, it can't go into the above listing of local pizza places.  That just wouldn't be logical, they have to be listed separately.  And since there's, currently, only one of them, I haven't set up a separate page for it.

Johno's Pizza Restaurant

The best pizzas I've had, anywhere, are made here.  It's run by a guy who tells me he's been making pizzas for fifty years.  He has a proper (electric) pizza oven, not one of those horrible conveyor belt ovens which, badly, cook pizzas too fast and too quickly.  There's fresh herbs and ingredients used in the pizzas that have been grown at the restaurant.  There's a dine-in restaurant, and take-away, but I don't think he does deliveries, any more.

72a Ocean St, Victor Harbor, (08) 8552 2005.

Glenelg Pizza House

Almost as good as Johno's (see above), extremely close, but he just pips them.

61C Jetty Rd, Glenelg, 8295 2425.

Mamma Carmela Cafe Pizzeria

And just a bit behind the Glenelg Pizza House, as Mamma Carmela's.  But, again, it's a close race.

4 Jetty Road, Glenelg, 8295 4477.

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