Growing up in the 1970s

It was a nearly technology-free lifestyle.  About the only thing that people, thesedays, would regard as being technology in the house would be the television set.  And out of the technology that might be in the home, it would probably be the only troublesome thing—perhaps requiring fiddling with the fine tuning and the indoor antenna when you change channels, and the vertical hold if you had bad reception (or a wonky television set).  You certainly didn't have the sort of grief that we have with keeping computers running smoothly, trying to record the program that you want on the VCR, programming information into your mobile phone, nor having to choose from an annoying assortment of exploititive telephone account deals. 

Colour television didn't start until 1975, and it'd be very unusual to have more than one television set.  It's also somewhat unusual to have more than a couple of radios in the house—there weren't personal stereos, and the nearest you'd get would be a small portable transistor radio.  About the only things that used power (and cost you money) at night (or while you were out) were the fridge and perhaps an electric alarm clock.  The cost of living was low, only genuinely essential things were considered as being essential—not everybody even had a telephone.

Personal entertainment was what you made yourself—and generally it didn't cost you anything—we played ballgames, rode our bikes, climbed trees, and had fun at the local creek.  About the only thing, as kids, that we spent money on would be a bag of mixed sweets from the local deli, where 20¢ worth would buy more than enough, 50¢ worth would be enough to make you sick, and they didn't sell it in larger amounts.  As young kids we weren't obsessed with pop bands, dressing in any particular fashion (what we wore was reasonably priced), nor trying to stand out as being particularly individualistic.

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