Author's notes

This guide was originally created in 1998, to be used as notes to go with a lecture, and has been revised a few times, since then.  The latest revision being around the middle of 2003, but as a re-write, more than anything else, and some tidying up around the end of 2004 when the website relocated.

It's still really only intended to be a primer, rather than a complete tutorial; there's plenty of them on the net.  Many are full of serious errors, though; so I only recommend a few sites (see the references page).  This guide gives some insight into what creating websites is all about, teaching the correct angle; allowing those who aren't sure if they want to get into creating a website, to see what they're considering getting into; and those who do want to proceed, an introduction which doesn't teach them bad habits.  Hopefully, learning the correct approach means that they'll avoid following other people's bad habits, and remembering why they are bad habits.

It might also show those who want someone else to produce a site for them, just some of what goes on behind the scenes, and the extent of what they're asking to be done for them.

As I wrote this guide, I own the copyright.  However, I do not mind people copying it, and they do not need to ask, first.  Though passing it off as your own is cheating.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can do it through my contact page.

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Main sections:
contact details
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video production
misc info
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my computers
general info
desktop publishing
typing skills
WWW authoring
internet primer
turn it off?
electrical safety