Pinouts for connectors on F250 camera

XLR microphone input

  1. Ground
  2. Microphone signal
  3. Ground

This isn't balanced, nor is there any phantom power.

3.5 mm stereo microphone input

Intercom headset

Designed for carbon microphone headsets.  DC voltage is supplied to the microphone from the camera adaptor back end, of +8.8 volts through a 220Ω resistor, and a single transistor provides a DC coupled buffered output feed to the 32-pin camera connector.  The earpiece connects through a volume control pot to the 32-pin camera connector.  Either A- or B-type ¼″ phone plugs can be used.

Audio monitor earpiece

Is a mono tip and sleeve connector, it connects through the volume control (a dual gang pot that does the intercom and audio monitor volume levels, simultaneously), to a buffer amplifier in the camera adaptor.  It can be switched to monitor the microphone amplifier in the camera, or playback audio fed into the 32-pin camera connector (the switch is in the spring-loaded side panel, below the BNC connectors).

S-video output

  1. ground
  2. ground
  3. Y video out
  4. C video out

This is standard wiring for all four-pin S-Video connectors.

4-pin XLR power input

  1. ground
  2. not used
  3. not used
  4. +12 volts

This is a common power wiring pinout for many professional devices.  Power consumption is 1.3 amps for the head, alone.  Or 1.5 amps, in ENG configuration (with small 1″ viewfinder, lens, but not including the VTR's power consumption).  Or 2.3 amps, in studio configuration (with large 5″ viewfinder and lens).  The power supply should be regulated, and it appears that 15.5 volts is the maximum permitted input.  Camera function becomes impaired below 11 volts, and automatically shuts off around 10.5 volts.  The large viewfinder's front tally light switching on and off will affect other circuitry, if the power supply is less than 12 volts.

32-pin camera connector

  1. camera video in/out (switched VTR record/playback video)
  2. ground for pin 1
  3. VTR record trigger (from camera to VTR)
  4. VTR battery warning (from VTR to camera)
  5. tally
  6. playback audio input
  7. not used
  8. camera video chroma out
  9. +12 volt supply input
  10. not used
  11. +12 volt supply input
  12. camera microphone (amplified) output
  13. audio ground
  14. audio ground
  15. serial control
  16. serial data
  17. auto indicator (e.g. active while auto white balancing)
  18. ground
  19. +12 volt supply input
  20. ground
  21. camera video out
  22. genlock video in
  23. return line view video in
  24. ground
  25. switched red/R-Y/chroma video out
  26. switched green/Y/Y video out
  27. switched blue/B-Y/blue video out
  28. ground
  29. ground
  30. intercom earpiece
  31. intercom microphone
  32. iris control

+12 volt pins 9, 10, & 19 are wired together.
Ground pins 1, 18, 20, 24, 28 & 29 are wired together.
Audio ground pins 13 & 14 are wired together, and not directly connected to the main ground.

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