Panasonic WV-3600N single tube video camera

A few notes about a couple of ancient cameras I have floating around, one working, the other not.  Not sure if I'll add anything to this page.  It's possible that I might offload these cameras on to someone who wants to tinker with them.


CCJ connector

  1. video
  2. video ground
  3. line view video (needs to be ac coupled) & tally (positive voltage)
  4. ground for pins 3 & 5
  5. genlock in RCU mode, unknown in VTR mode
  6. pedestal in RCU mode (around +6 volts for normal), record stop/start in VTR mode
  7. unknown in RCU mode (probably intercom), microphone out in VTR mode (probably amplified)
  8. ground for pin 7
  9. power ground
  10. +12 volts power