Related business dealings

From time to time I receive messages from other businesses trying to strike deals with me.  Most of them are nuisance junk messages, occasionally there are a few genuine ones, but often they aren't of any particular use to me.  This page is for the benefit of those seeking genuine business relations, and to specifically ward off those about to annoy me with things I'm sick of hearing about.

Be warned that those who make a nuisance of themselves automatically consent to any response that I deem appropriate.

I might be interested in the following:

Blank media

Since I work in video production, I use blank video cassettes, compact discs, DVDs, and the associated boxes and labels.  If you can deliver extremely high quality ones, for small quantity orders, and without complex invoicing, then you may get in touch with me for pricing and product details.  You must also handle delivery and accept return of sub-standard items.

Industrial video equipment

I occasionally buy equipment (video production related, only), but only from dealers that are prepared to give practical demonstrations, and I'm often asked to advise others on their purchases.

Background music

I have occasional needs for background or fill-in music on video productions, but it has to be reasonably priced, last long enough (that can mean several minutes of continuous music), be appropriate for the production (whether that be for things like corporate or wedding videos), and not have complicated royalty or copyright issues involved.  Musicians who can compose, play, and record their own music may want to get in touch with me with their contact details, and other information (such as the styles of music they can produce, types of media they can record to, fees, etc.), so I can call them when such work crops up.

NB:  There hasn't been any big-budget jobs of this type, so far.  And most composing jobs are just for something like a ten-minute slab of continuous music for corporate/promotional video productions.

Other supportive local businesses

If you do something that I don't (such as NTSC video conversions) and are willing to refer work back to me, I don't mind referring jobs that I can't do to you.  Naturally I'm reluctant to refer any work unless I know the quality of work that will be done.

Definitely don't pester me about:

WWW services

I don't want to see any of your bullshit about search engine optimisation, website authoring, creation, development, or other website promotion services.  Nor registering similar domain names to my own.


I already advertise where I want to, and I'm not about to spend yet more money on it.  I'm certainly not going to place an advert in any publication that I've never heard of before.  I don't intend to place adverts in other's websites, even if free, nor reciprocate, unless it's with genuine business partners (i.e. businesses that I actually conduct business with).  I'm not interested in providing advertising for someone else, and I'm not interested in link farming.


I support what I want to already, I permanently black-ban anybody, from any kind of donation, who pesters me over the phone.  That starts with the first phone call from anyone that I've not personally invited to ring me (repeat offenders will get a very hostile reception), and extends to anywhere that charity collects from in the future (i.e. annoy me on the phone, and you'll never get any cash put into a donation box left on a shop counter).

I'm not about to give financial details over the phone to someone I have no way of knowing who they are.  I've never donated to anything over the phone, and I'm never going to.

And I consider any telephone canvasser that lies to me to be some sort of fraudster.  Time and time again I get some alleged charity call thanking me for helping them in the past, when I've haven't, and usually I haven't even heard of them before.  Get caught out lying to me, and I won't believe anything that you say.

Some black-banned charities
Organisation Reason
Australian kidney foundation Upon telling them not to call me again, their operator said he'd take me off their list if I made a donation
Blind welfare Makes unsolicited begging calls once they have your details (e.g. from lottery tickets that don't specify they'll use your details for future pestering).
Wheelchair sports Ignored multiple requests never to call again, even after I rang them back and spoke to a manager about removing my name from their lists.

Take the hint that I won't donate to anything that gets my details listed in someone's system because of these kind of things.

Phone service deals

Unless you can substantially discount the line rental, then don't bother me.  I can't stand complex deals (i.e. varying prices based on the number or type of calls made), and lock-in contracts (the sorts of things used to tie you into poor deals, because they can't offer you anything that'd make you want to keep using them of your own accord).  I make few calls per month, rarely call long distance or mobile phones, and I've never made international calls.  And I don't want yet another thing that charges a fee each month whether or not you use it (like most mobile phone deals).  What I use has to be pay as you go, and reasonably priced (that instantly precludes just about every mobile phone deal).

Computer or other office products

I, generally, use Linux, which has a plethora of software that doesn't cost me anything.  I don't need to buy software often, and I'm not going to trust someone spamming me about it.  I don't need to keep on updating or adding to what I have.  We don't have a fax, and we don't run out of printing or office supplies that often that I need any sort of special deals.


I'm not the slightest bit interested in attending some seminar about how to make money.  I've got better things to do, and the only ones to make money from those things are the ones holding the seminars.  The only thing I'm interested in being contacted about, is being hired to video record your conference.

Discount clubs

I'm not interested in deals to get something cheaply as long as I subscribe to something, or I have to spend money on some sort of regular basis (e.g. music clubs).

Anything that you can't/won't do in writing

If you can't provide prices in writing, I don't want to hear from you.  If you can't accept payment by cheque, I don't want to hear from you.  If you expect me to quote credit card numbers over the phone to you, get lost.

Anything if you don't have a local office

If I can't walk into a local office (I'm in South Australia, near Adelaide) and speak to someone face-to-face about any issues, I don't want to hear from you.  I don't want to deal with interstate offices, or businesses which don't have any office.  You have to have someone I can deal with over items that need returning or replacing, for instance, and you have to do so without giving me any grief.