Video recording of Buster Daniels in “Nancy Boy”

During the recent 2008 Adelaide Fringe Festival we were asked to film a couple of cabaret acts, but the second client (Buster Daniels) disappeared on us as soon as his act finished, and hasn't responded to attempts made to contact him.  So we're going to sell copies of the recording, to cover our losses.  He had his chance to pay his bill, it's too late to change your mind after the deed is done, and I've got little sympathy for people who muck me about.

If you missed one of the two shows that he performed in Adelaide, here's your chance to see his act.  Just $20 each (Australian) for a DVD copy.  Send a cheque or postal order to me, and I'll post you a copy (cost would be higher to send overseas).  Or you can arrange to pick one up in person.  Be quick, offer may be withdrawn once our costs have been recovered.

The recording quality is reasonably good, considering the poor lighting and accoustics at the venue.  It was shot using a professional triple-CCD camera, and hasn't been edited (it's the whole show, intact).  Recorded discs play back best on DVD plays that specifically say they support DVD-R or DVD+R playback, older players are a bit hit and miss.  If you don't already know what the act was about, you can Google for a review of Buster Daniels in “Nancy Boy” at the Adelaide Fringe.

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