Review of Nokia 2.1 phone

Do yourself a favour, and everyone else.  Don't buy this phone.  It's a failure with it's prime functionality of being used as a telephone.

I'm only going to concentrate on one aspect of this phone; the sound quality of using it as a phone (it has to be the worst I've ever encountered).  If it can't get that right, everything else on the phone is not worth bothering about, so I'm not going to.

When you listen to the phone, the quality is dire, and it's too quiet (with the volume turned all the way up).  It's very hard to hear what anybody says to you.

But it's far worse going the other way.  When you speak into the phone, you have to talk directly into the microphone, or the other party will not hear what you say.  It uses a really terrible noise-cancelling technique that aggressively mutes the microphone.  The moment you move a couple of inches away from the microphone, the other end just hears tiny squeaking noises.

It's (just a bit) better in speakerphone mode, but it's not always practical, or even appropriate, to use a phone in that manner.

Having to put up with a phone conversation from anybody using one of these phones is diabolical.  They've got to hold the phone in exactly right place to be heard.  If they don't hold the phone still, if they don't keep their fingers completely out of the way of the microphone, you can't hear a damn thing they say.

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