Dining out on a budget

A ranking of public restaurants north-east of Adelaide, based on simple meals and service, with the best at the top of the page.  There's not much of a difference between them, and it's a bit hard to decide which is better than another, but this is what I've come up with.  These are pub restaurants, so I'm not expecting silver service, though I do expect decent cooking and friendly service.  I've rarely gone beyond having a chicken schnitzel and chips, though I've dined with friends who've been more adventurous.

Firstly, the good reviews

The Windsor Hotel
North East Road, Windsor Gardens

We've been going there for a few years, now.  Good friendly service, good pricing, and good serving sizes.  Variable food between good and okay.  Being able to cook roast potatoes (that are actually deep-fried) right seems to change from week to week.

Highlander Hotel
North East Road, Gilles Plains

We've been there a few times over the years, the food is good, but slightly smaller servings than at the Windsor.

Clovercrest Hotel
Montague Road, Modbury North

We've been there once or twice, the food was good.

Bridgeway Hotel
Bridge Road, Pooraka

We've been there once, the food was okay, the drinks weren't expensive.

The Glynde
Payneham Road, Glynde

I've only been there once, a few years back, but I enjoyed the food, and I think it was the first time I had chicken schnitzel.

And a couple of good reviews for dining out further away

Urimbirra Wildlife Park
Adelaide Road, Victor Harbor

Very nice chicken schnitzel and chips, the only time I have ever actually liked the taste of someone gravy, and very friendly service.  There's a small restaurant in the same building as the entrance to the wildlife park.

The Original Victor Fish Shop
Ocean Street, Victor Harbor

Very nice chicken schnitzel and chips, and very friendly service.  They have a small dine-in area, as well as take-away.

Now, the bad reviews

Modbury Plaza Hotel
diagonally opposite Tea Tree Plaza

What I got of my order was good, and the unusual garlic bread was very nice, but if they can't manage to take orders correctly, they should consider not taking their orders from the noisiest part of the room.  The order screw-up, and wanting me to pay more to get what they'd omitted, yet we'd already paid for, left a bad feeling.

The Settlers Tavern
Ingle Farm

While the food was good, the wait for it was not.  A table had been booked, but placing an order required waiting in line for 25 minutes to the single person taking orders, and then it took another 45 minutes before my simple order of schnitzel and chips brought to the table, on the schnitzel night of the week.  It wasn't even very busy.

It might have taken even longer, but being rather annoyed at waiting at our table for around half an hour to get fed, I started looking for staff passing by to ask what was going on.  Another ten minutes passed without a chance, so I lifted my glass and rang it with the knife until someone came to us.  Who, then, managed to be snooty to us, over their bad service.  If we hadn't had to pay in advance, I'd have left and gone elsewhere to eat.

Whatever happened to being shown to a table, and someone taking your order while you're seated comfortably?  That way, you've had the time to peruse the menu, in comfort, and not had to stand and wait for ages.  And why did it take so long to get served schitzel on schitzel night?  It's not a complex dish, does not take long to make, and it's the special of the night.

We will not be returning here in a hurry, if at all.  We, once, almost dined here many years ago, but the reek of cigarette smoking was stomach churning.  Seems like an omen.

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