Para Vista High School (PVHS)

Year 11 - 1985

(My year 11 class photo.) [42kb]

This photo was taken some time during my last year of high school (1985), and as far as I'm aware, nobody was absent that day.  It's a scan of the very low resolution picture from the year book, since I can't find the original photo, and I can't make it look any better than this.

If you know me, it'd be nice to hear from you (see my contact details for how to get in touch).  Unless you're one of those cretins who gave me years of hell at school, in which case, you can get lost.

A few years after I left, the school amalgamated with Ingle Farm High School, and changed the name to Valley View Secondary School, despite being in the suburb of Para Vista.  It was a purely (stupid) political thing—they were allowed to scavenge stuff (furniture, etc.) from the closed school (Ingle Farm), if they agreed to change the name, so they did.  Heck knows why they bothered, all they scored was a load of trash, much like it already had.

A short time later, much was crowed about how they'd spent millions refurbishing the school.  The reality was that the education department was playing catch up on the many years that they hadn't spent money on maintaining the school (i.e. the boast was more political claptrap).  Which was little more than tarting up the front office, rearranging some classrooms, repainting, putting up some internal walls (the school was originally open-plan, with some partitions added in over time), and the removal of asbestos from some areas (that they later claimed never had any, probably hoping that no former staff or student might try and sue them over, but I've seen the official reports about it being removed from a few places—yep, we were exposed to that crap, ages after it was known to be really bad for our health).  It's no-longer quite the dump that it used to be.

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