Some of the accessories for the WV-F15 camera

WV-LZ15/12 a 12× zoom lens, with mounting holes for LK11 lens control kit, manual zoom and focus, servo iris with manual override.  The iris section is open to the outside world, with an unsealed metal box surrounding it, so it really isn't suitable for outside use.

WV-LK11 lens control kit with gears that attach below various lenses used on several different Panasonic cameras, mechanical cable linkages, tripod arm mounted mechanical remote controls for the zoom and focus.

WV-VF02 1 inch viewfinder.  This is quite different from the VF01 viewfinder for the F10 camera, the pinouts are not compatible.

WV-VF65 5 inch viewfinder.  This has a different connector than on the camera head, and needs to be connected through an adaptor built into the WV-Q39 mounting bracket, which adapts some electronic signals, as well as the different connectors.

WV-Q39 or WV-Q39A mounting bracket for 5 inch viewfinder.  The brackets include interface circuitry for viewfinder.  The “A” version includes mixing circuitry to add the camera's on-screen-display warning messages on top of the video signal.  The other bracket does not.

WV-RC35 remote control unit (apparently can also control WV-D5000 and WV-3260 cameras)
WV-AD37 RCU adapter / genlock back end
14C-30 multicore camera cable, 14-pin, 30 foot
14C-100 multicore camera cables, 14-pin, 100 foot

WV-AD36 genlock adapter back end

A WV-AD36 back end was sold for the WV-F10, WV-F15, WV-3260/8AF, and WV-D5000 cameras.  Comparing the different back ends with the circuit diagrams, there's no change beween the circuitry used when it was made for the F10 and F15 cameras, and the model marked for the D5000 camera works with our F15 cameras.  I think it's a universal design.  The same may apply for the WD-AD37 back ends.

I've successfully used a NTSC WV-AD36 back end on a PAL camera.  The colour bandpass filters seem to be wide enough to allow the different frequency (4.43 MHz versus 3.58 MHz) colour subcarrier through to the camera, sufficiently, for the camera to genlock.  The same may be the case for the WV-AD37 back ends, though the colour bars they generate wouldn't be compatible, unless there are PCB links that you can change for PAL or NTSC bars (the service manual lists about 15 resistor and capacitor differences, though I don't know how critical they are).  Otherwise, you'd just have to not use the bars function.  Except for colour bars, the camera head generates all of its own video output signals, and the back-end just has a simple pass-through cable to the rear panel connectors.

WV-PS03 power supply back end.  This may, or may not, be able genlock the camera, I've seen conflicting info about connecting it and WV-AD36 through each other.

Power supply with 10-pin CCJ connector.  This really only supplies enough current for just the head, perhaps with a small 1″ viewfinder.  Experience shows that it's definitely inadequate for the camera, plus the WV-VF65 viewfinder, and WV-AD36 back end, altogether.  You want at least a 2 amp supply, to power all of them simultaneously.

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