Panasonic AG7650/AG7750 dial menus

The menus can be seen on-screen via the video monitor out BNC socket, and on the front-panel display, above the transport controls.  The on-screen displays are mostly self explantory, though there's a few notes, below, elaborating some of them.  The front panel display only shows menu and item numbers, you'll need a cheat sheet to know what they do.

The menu is accessed by putting the local/remote mode switch on “local,” putting the search/menu mode switch on “menu,” then pressing the ready (menu) button.

Use the search dial (in jog mode), to move between items to adjust.  You can press the rewind and fast-forward buttons to quickly skip between menu pages.

Hold the stop button down, and spin the search dial (in jog mode), to change a particular setting.  Let go of the stop button when you've set it.

Press the search button when you've completed all your configuration changes, to accept the changes and exit the menu.

Video Y/C filter

It only affects the playback of colour video tapes.  When enabled, additional filtering is applied to separate luminance and chrominance, to minimise interference that may occur between them.

Need to check if affects y/c output, but it does affect composite out.

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