Woody, the wooden computer

A picture of my newly rehoused computer, in a wooden box
A picture of one of my computers

I got a bit sick of all the cables straggled across the desk from all the peripherals to my A1200, but all the options to recase the Amiga were hideously huge and expensive.  So I decided to build the case myself.  And not having the facilities to work with metal, I did it with wood.  I also liked the idea of it looking different.

So now you know why my Amiga's been nicknamed Woody.

I'd also like to suggest that IBM clone owners do the same thing.  Then, when your computer keels over and dies from the year 2000 bug (that mine isn't affected by), you can hammer the final nail in it's coffin, and bury it.  ;-)

Inside Woody is an Amiga 1200 motherboard, a DKB Cobra 33 MHz 68030 accellerator, a DKB Ferret SCSI host card, 16 megs of additional RAM, one floppy drive, a 1 gig IDE hard drive, a 4.3 gig SCSI drive, a 24× SCSI CD-ROM, an A2000 power supply, a GenLocker.  And a partridge in a pear tree…  (Not.)

Outside of Woody, there's a 33600 Banksia modem, and a SCSI Zip drive.

This used to be my main computer, but it's been seriously outdated for a number of years.  Now it's back in use for the original reason I bought it, creating titles and graphics in the video edit suite.

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