Slide transfer considerations

Transferring slides to video is a time-consuming process, and if you'd rather not have to pay for my time in organising your slides (which can take ages), it's much better if you load your slides into the magazines.  This also means that you can be sure that they're in the order that you want, and loaded in the correct way around (you'll have more chance of recognising whether your slides are back-to-front than I would).  Though, once they're loaded, you can leave the rest to me.

Loading magazines:

My slide projector needs slides to be oriented in the following way:  Imagine that you're filling the slide magazines while standing behind the projector, facing the projection screen.  The first slide goes into the end of the magazine nearest the screen (slot 1), for the straight magazines; but the round magazines are numbered in the reverse direction.  The slides go in upside down, and will be the right way around when viewed from the rear (i.e. not mirror image), like this:

upside-down slide orientation example

With the glossy side facing you, and the (dull) emulsion side away from you (the emulsion side often looks like it's been etched).  Other things you can look out for, apart from the really obvious (like writing in the picture), are the direction that mens and womens clothes button up, and button holes in mens jackets.

The circular magazines can involve less mental gymnastics if you hold them around the wrong way (opposite to how it fits into the projector) when you load the slides, then you can insert the slides at the top of the magazine, and insert them in the normal (to look at) orientation, like this:.

right-side-up slide orientation example

Aspect ratio:

Slides have different dimensions than TV screens.  35mm slides are usually wider than the TV screen, though if you take any portrait, rather than landscape, oriented shots, they're taller than the screen.  Other formats can have different dimensions (e.g. the old Instamatics took square frames).  You'll have to let me know how you want me to handle the difference, you have a few options:

This is time-consuming, and will only be done when there's a significant difference between slides.

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