Retro equipment

We have old audio/video equipment, from the 1970s onward, in various working conditions.  Suitable for using as props of older production-era equipment, or to actually use to recreate the look and sound of the olden days of television.

Unless something's specifically listed as saying that I'm trying to get rid of it, I don't intend to get rid of it.  Don't bother to ask about it.  And anything that I will get rid of will have to be collected in person, I'm not going to post anything.

All hired equipment is to be returned in the same condition that it was hired out in.  Go find something else from a junkyard if you're not going to take care of equipment.

12 channel Astor audio mixer A piece of Australian history, built by the Australian Transistor Company for the Australian Broadcasting Commission (as it was known, back then), in the early 1970s, it came from the radio side of Adelaide's ABC.  In working condition, has a few scratchy pots, most of the indicator lamps don't work (but it has mechanically locking buttons, so you can still easily see which are “on”), and has a couple of input channels out of action at the moment.  It's big, at least a two-person job to move it, and needs careful handling.
RTE multi-channel radio desk Came from the Magill Journalism College, not in working condition (it's missing its power supply, and I have no technical information about the mixer to replace it).  It's big, at least a two-person job to move it.  I'd like to get it working, but I'm considering getting rid of this, it's been sitting in our shed for years.
Various portable domestic video cameras Colour and black & white cameras, in various working conditions.  I'd be glad to get rid of most of these.
Panasonic WV-341N B&W industrial video camera From the mid-1970s, in working condition, needs a fair amount of light.  Single-tube, vidicon (if I recall correctly), half-inch target.
Two Philips LDH1 colour television cameras From the early 1970s, in working condition, though they need experienced handling to adjust for good pictures, and a lot of light for good pictures.
Two JVC KY2000 three-tube colour video cameras From the 1980s, in working condition, but they need a lot of light for good pictures.  One of them has a CCU, and a 25 metre cable.
National Panasonic NV-3030E VTR From the mid-1970s, open reel-to-reel half-inch monochrome video tape recorder.
Various dead or dying video monitors Computer and video monitors, around 34 cm screen size, suitable for props that don't need to give a display, or for parts, or target practice.  I've got several of these that I'd like to get rid of, rather than just put them in the rubbish to become landfill.

As well as my own gear, listed above and on other pages, I have colleagues with the following equipment that may be used for playing old source material:  Ampex 2″ quad VTR, 1″ C format VTRs, 4-plate 16 mm Steenbeck (optical and magnetic sound stripes, and fullcoat).

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